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Greg Rampage has conquered Tucson, AZ, with the help of Boston Terrier Chowder 5000, accomplice King of Castle Rock, and 92.1 MHZ of frequency modulation.

A low quality recording of a silly interview with Ludo. 1 mic for 5 guys is awkward!

Kick Ass!

Thank you for checking out my online resource for audio. Below are a variety of clips grouped by purpose.

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New Stuff-

Here is some audio from my time at KXTE

X1075 - Aircheck clips from the last couple of months at X1075

Water Co. - Make beer come out of my faucet.

UFC 91 - Clips selected from a day of promoting UFC 91 tix

Kittie - Pound on your hood before starting your car during winter

Kenny Proposes - nuff said

KXTE Interviews

Most of the interviews are raw audio with no beds

Papa Roach - Introducing Holiday Havok 08 Headliners

Jon Davis of Korn - Recording in his living room

Mudvayne - About the new album and show in Vegas

Unwritten Law - Performing at X1075's HalloInk

Forrest Griffin - UFC Light Heavyweight Champ

BJ Penn - UFC Lightweight Champ

Bruce Buffer - The Voice of the UFC Octagon

Mike Goldberg - The host of UFC

Chester Bennington - About his new clothing line Vecel

Jamie Kennedy - from the Ghost Whispererererer

Brian 'Head' Welch - Former guitarist of KORN

Heather Chadwell - from the VH1 show Rock Of Love

Air Check

06.22.08 - Some clips from the week of June 16th, 2008

Un scoped Air Check 01 - A full air shift including 411 Music News read.

Un scoped Air Check 02

Clips - various clips from recent shifts

Megatron - Cross talk interaction with Chris The Ego

Green Shirt - Cross talk interaction with Chris The Ego

KFMA Interviews

Just some random interview material from the last couple years.

My Chemical Romance - Long but fun.

Blaqk Audio - Jade from Blaqk Audio and AFI

Bayside - A quick talk with Bayside for their one off show in Tucson.

411 Music News Reads

The 411 is a daily music news segment.

411 - 01

411 - 02

411 - 03

Morning Show Material

Rampage For President - Writing for the Frank Show on a recurring theme of my run for the presidency

Call of Duty 4 - I stopped by the Frank Show to goof off. Everyone on the show plays Call of Duty 4.


I helped write, voice, produce or brainstorm the following clips:

411 Promo

Labor Day - Big plans with my dog, Chowder 5000

Cheese Jeans - Weekend promo

Excuses - Why we haven't purchased our concert tickets

Monster Trucks - Rampage versus a Truck

Monster Trucks Sounder - FIGHT!

Rampage in 06 - More dumb political silliness making light of local elections

Rampage in 06 b - Part 2

Ego in 06 - the response to the Rampage 06 series

Ego in 06 b - Part 2

Iron Chef Nachos - Yup, it's as dumb as it sounds

Rampage for President - The original piece that started all this election crap

Superbowl - I don't remember it happening like this...

Commercial Production

Sausage Deli - Local deli commercial I helped write and performed

Sausage Deli

Sea of Green - Silly voices can be fun in.

Maloney's - Another silly voiced commercial

Rampage Racing Report Podcast

I am the creator of a motor sports podcast about Formula 1 racing. Season two starts soon!

RRR 26 - Preview of the final race of the season in Sao Paulo, Brazil

RRR 25 - Only two races to go and Raikkonen still has a shot at the championship

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